SCBI Steam - 3 hrs
SCBI Steam - 3 hrs
  • REF 107.010.0050
  • Quick Read-Out SCBI Steam - 3 hrs

The monitoring of sterilization condition at preferred places with the help of Self Contained Biological Indicators (or SCBI) is no longer practice of every day in European Hospitals and mainly used during validation of the sterilizers, whereas outside Europe the SCBI is widely used for daily routine checks of sterilizers in Hospitals.





  • Biological Indicators conform to ISO 11138
  • SCBI STEAM: Geobacillus Stearothermophilus ATCC 7953
  • Population: >1x10E6 spores per vial
  • Color change: Violet to yellow (STEAM)
  • Quick Read-Out Digital Incubator (220V) for 56-59°C / 3 hrs (STEAM)
Ordering Info
Item Description Additional info Unit/Box
107.010.0050 QR SCBI Steam 3 hr 1*10E6 Geobac. Stearotherm. 50 Biological Indicators
120.002.0001 Quick Read-out Incubator Max 8 ampoules , 220 V 1 QR Incubator
120.010.0001 SCBI Crusher Plastic , white 1 Crusher