Sterilization roll, Tyvek
Sterilization roll, Tyvek
  • Sterilisation roll Tyvek
  • 1 plasma indicator - white film

Today Infection control is getting increasingly important since more and more bacterias starts to get resistant to the latest anti-biotics. Infection Prevention is the key word. Sterilization packaging materials have been developed over many years to increase the stability of  the sterile barrier over time. 

Sterintech™ Sterilization rolls (Tyvek) are used to pack medical devices for Plasma Sterilization. The flexibility of length cutting is making a dedicated packaging of individual instruments possible and offer a number of advantages to the end-user


The Sterintech™ Sterilization rolls (Tyvek) are characterized by the following:


 Easy recognition of content by the multi-layer transparent film

 Strong seal  

 Indicators and text printed outside the packing area

 Non-tearing film avoids tearing at opening the pack

 Clean and fibre-free opening of pack

 Compatible to Plasma sterilization with imprinted indicators

 Compliant to standard ISO 11607-1, EN 868 - 5 and ISO 11140-1

Ordering Info
Item Description Additional info Unit/Box
303.075.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 75 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.100.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 100 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.150.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 150 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.200.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 200 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.250.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 250 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.300.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 300 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.350.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 350 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.400.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 400 mm x 70 m 1 Roll
303.500.0001 Sterilisation roll Tyvek 500 mm x 70 m 1 Roll