Container Seal, Self-adhesive
Container Seal, Self-adhesive
  • 902.105.1100
  • Self-adhesive version with pin
In order to secure the container for opening by un-authorized staff the Self-Adhesive container seals are offering an important shackle in the quality management chain. Prevents opening by un- authorized staff. Only by breaking the seal the container can be opened. A check at the OR for broken seals is guaranteeing the sterility of materials from the moment of sterilization till the actual use.
REF: 902.105.1100   Container seal, self-adhesive with pin    Unit: 1100 pieces
  • Produced from 180 gr/sqm paper.
  • Suitable for steam sterilization processes.
  • Fulfilling EN 868 part 8 section 4.2.3
  • Can be fully recycled.
  • Steam indicator conform to ISO 11140 - Type 1
  • Clear color transition of the indicator
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902.105.1100 Container Seal, Self-adhesive incl. Steam indicator , Pin : 7,5 cm long 1100