CSSD Markers
CSSD Markers
  • 905.10x.0006
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Non-Toxic
The Sterintech™ CSSD Markers are very suitable to be used for CSSD applications. These non toxic markers are coming in four different colors and have a fine tip to create a clear writing possible on various substrates. The writings by these markings are not disappearing during any kind of sterilization method.
REF: 905.101.0006   CSSD Marker, Blue     Unit: 6 markers
REF: 905.102.0006   CSSD Marker, Red      Unit: 6 markers
REF: 905.103.0006   CSSD Marker, Green   Unit: 6 markers
REF: 905.104.0006   CSSD Marker, Black    Unit: 6 markers
  • Available in 4 colors, permanent markers with pocket clip
  • Very fine point in order to create clear writings
  • No leaking, fast drying, water resistant
  • Not blurring during sterilization (depending of absorbance of paper) 
  • Non-toxic - safe to use - easy disposal
  • Shelf-Life: 2 years after production date
Ordering Info
Item Description Additional info Unit/Box
905.101.0006 CSSD Marker Blue Fine point - Non Toxic 6
905.102.0006 CSSD Marker Red Fine point - Non Toxic 6
905.103.0006 CSSD Marker Green Fine point - Non Toxic 6
905.104.0006 CSSD Marker Black Fine point - Non Toxic 6