Dry heat tape
Dry heat tape
  • 505.019.0001
  • Type for Dry Heat processes

The Sterintech™  Dry heat tape are especially selected for Dry Heat processes in order to provide a good stickiness to most surfaces.


Securing the sterility of wrapped items our Dry Heat tapes performs well at our customers anywhere in the world.


REF: 505.019.0001   Gas tape  19 mm x 50 mtr       Unit: 1 piece



  • Process indicator for Dry Heat - ISO 11140-1 - Type 1 
  • Clear color change from green to brown 
  • Single packed to guarantee shelf-life specifications up to 2 years after production 
  • Easy unwinding from the roll
  • Latex free glue
  • Non-Toxic / Heavy metal free
Ordering Info
Item Description Additional info Unit/Box
505.019.0001 Dry Heat Tape 19 mm width x 50 m length 1 roll