BI Instant Steam
BI Instant Steam
  • BI Instant™ Steam

The BI Instant is a unique kind of Biological indicator which is giving you a result within 30 seconds through the extracted enzymes reaction.  No need for expensive incubators but a simple color reaction enables the end-user to determine a positive or negative BI.  


In addition the BI Instant is offering a normal Biological growth media result achieved within 10 hours by incubation. 




  • Biological Indicators conform to ISO 11138
  • Spores:  Geobacillus Stearothermophilus ATCC 7953 1x10E6 spores per vial
  • Color change:  Violet to Yellow (growth media) 
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107.100.0025 BI Instant™ Steam Result in less than 30 seconds 25