Bowie Dick Helix Test
Bowie Dick Helix Test
  • REF 101.201.0100
  • Bowie Dick Helix Test - eco
  • with cotton bag


The Sterintech™ Bowie Dick Helix Test with PTFE Helix with a 1,5 mtr long tube can be used as Bowie Dick test for both load types: Hollow and Porous Loads.


In general Helix devices and their indicators have proven that they detect failures during each cycle much earlier than other chemical indicators / integrators. 


This Bowie Dick Helix Test is an obligatory test for class B Bench Top Steam sterilizers.




  • Conform to ISO 11140 - 1 Type 2 - EN 867 part 5 class B
  • Clear transition of color into pink 
  • Easy to interpret
  • Easy to document
  • Non-Toxic / Lead Free  
  • Can be fully recycled
  • PCD guaranteed for 500 Cycles (134°C - 3,5 min)
Ordering Info
Item Description Additional info Unit/Box
101.201.0100 Bowie Dick Helix Test with cotton bag 100 indicator strips
101.201.0250 Bowie Dick Helix Test with cotton bag 250 indicator strips